Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Method to President's Fiscal Madness Revealed

The scores and scores of millions of Americans who voted for President Obama in the recent election and in the one before that were heartened today by reports that all along there has been a Democratic method to the madness of the President’s doing nothing whatsoever to slow down much less reverse the exploding wealth and power imbalance in America.

There is growing evidence that very early on in his first term, the President’s circle of economic advisors from Wall Street convinced him that just as there is a rock bottom that the Takers in America must hit before they see the error of their fiscal ways clearly enough to change them, so is there a rock top that the Makers must hit before they start looking long and hard at the behaviors that got them there.

“In a word,” one advisor is said to have told the new president, “the super rich have to want to change. There’s nothing we can do but get out of the way and let them all top out.”

In light of this revelation, the tide of hope is flowing yet again among Obama apologists, who now see his apparent selling of them out as actually a masterful jujitsu move whereby the irresistible force of the Makers’ own breakneck upward mobility is used against them to bring them down.

“It makes perfect sense,” said Juanita Reyes, founder and president of the Barack O’Bust super PAC. “He’s been doing kung fu all along.

“And I’m already tired of hearing the professional liberals gripe now about not having been let in on the plan. Somebody needs to explain to them in small easy words that rich people by definition are not stupid. You can’t just go around announcing how you’re going to outsmart them.

“That’s why after decades of this country’s building up of an unprecedentedly mammoth wealth and power imbalance in favor of the wealthy and powerful the President is playing along with the super rich and all their Republican henchwomen and men as they keep unbelievably insisting that to fix the economy the Makers broke we have to balance anything we take from the Makers by taking more from the Takers.

“President Obama’s got the right wing working right along with him to sucker the Makers into taking so much as to make them take to heart all the heartlessness of their taking so much from the Takers.”

Said newly hope-refilled two-time Obama supporter Nick Webster from Toledo, Ohio, “Leave it to this harmony-seeking president to have had a trick up the sleeve of his warrior monk’s robes the whole time.

“With all his zennish love of symmetry, all he wants is for the left and the right to look forward together to the grand moment when the 99% and the 1% bottom and top out at the same time respectively and we all come together on the same economic page.

“It’s time for the left to just sit tight and let the President take back all his clever campaign promises about not taking it when the Makers try to make a shambles of the social safety net, and also his promises about making the Makers take some responsibility for all the heartache all their taking makes.

“And it’s not the President’s fault either that it’s taking so long for the Makers to wake up. Who could have known that the super rich would prove so impervious to shame over all the hope-crushing pain they leave in the aftermath of their constantly breaking new ground in the field of inequity.

“My only concern right now is that the super rich won’t reach their moment of truth until after Obama’s out of office and Hillary will get all the credit for it.”

In related news, President Obama is reportedly drawing up a constitutional framework for his executive decision to unilaterally make Republicans stop stopping him from selling Democrats out to them.

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